Saturday, May 16, 2009

Strawberry Pickin' and Good Times

We've been having so much fun lately! Rylan loves going outside to play, so this year we've been getting some outside time in, as opposed to this time last year when I thought I would never see the outside world again! We had our first Stawberry pickin' this week, I let Rylan pick the first ripe one and you know I couldn't resist some picture taking! There were only two ripe ones and I never even got a taste, Ry ate them both. Aww, the things we give up for our
Our church had a 4-wheeler ride last Saturday. And since Benny doesn't like riding, Dad and I went while Benny babysat. It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed spending some "fun time" with Dad. God blessed me with a wondeful Dad, he makes me so proud of him. He recently got saved and has been coming to our church with us, and I just eat that up! I love going to church, but it's even better when you have family there with you. Praise God!
Girls night out was last Friday night...and oh the stories I could tell! But I won't, instead I'll post a few pics. These ladies are wonderful friends thatI am so thankful for.

"Shanny and Kellie"

"The Prutane"

"Brittany" Ha!

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