Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Fever

Can I just say that I'm LOVING these beautiful days that God has been blessing us with?! This weather has been awesome. My little Ry baby has been getting to enjoy some much needed outside play! I do believe he is happiest outdoors, and oh how I love to see him smile!

Now, how could anyone not love this guy?

Oh, my son...what did I ever do without you? You bring so much happiness and joy to my life.

All this beautiful weather has gotten me into "gardening mode". This happens to me every year....until the summer comes....I really do have good intentions, but this girl CANNOT take the heat. Fall and Spring are awesome, Winter is good, Summer...well, I don't like to be hot, sweaty, or bitten by anything. However, I do like to plant flowers and such and am actually good at it....yep, I've got the fever. Spring Fever.
On another note, Saturday is girls day out....I'm ready. I so look forward to those all too scarce days with the girls that knew me when I was carrying a Rainbow Brite lunchbox to school everyday. For one day every once in a LONG while, I get to be FUN......I guess the word is carefree. No kids, no husband, no laundry, no house to clean.....just a bunch of girls that love to laugh. Can't wait!

That used to be us!

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  1. Hey Christina! So glad I found your blog! I love the background! I need to get more motivated & fix mine up :)!
    Can't wait to read more!