Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too Old To Tube?

Yesterday Benny was off work, so he thought it would be fun to go "tubing". So, he bought a tube and away we went. Dillon, our nephew also went along...that kid is a hoot! Of course we had to leave Rylan behind with his Granny, but they had a great time together. I had not went tubing in about 10 years! And believe me, I'm FEELING it today. It was alot of fun, but sheesh! I hurt pretty much everywhere....boy, age just sneaks up on us doesn't it!

Yep...that's my crazy self.

My wonderful husband, Benny.

Or as he calls hmself...Ben with an "N"

Oh, I have just recently been told that we will be going to the Beach! Yay us! Actually, it will be the gulf....but it's better than another elk hunt!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool Time & Gagging

Well, summer is here and after ALOT of nagging my husband, our pool is finally up! Actually it's been up for about a week, but I'm a "chicken" and have been waiting for the water to warm up some. I got in today for the first time this year to skim and shock the pool after all the rain we've had lately. So, tomorrow I've decided that Rylan and I are gonna do some relaxing in the pool. And hopefully I will get some color to this ridiculously pale body!

Changing the subject, has anyone else had problems with your child "gagging" themselves? I know it's nasty gross, but my son thinks this is a good way to get out of naps and bedtime. I'm very frustrated with this. I have to change his bedding at least once a day, sometimes more. I've never heard of girls doing this, however boys are a whole different story!