Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too Old To Tube?

Yesterday Benny was off work, so he thought it would be fun to go "tubing". So, he bought a tube and away we went. Dillon, our nephew also went along...that kid is a hoot! Of course we had to leave Rylan behind with his Granny, but they had a great time together. I had not went tubing in about 10 years! And believe me, I'm FEELING it today. It was alot of fun, but sheesh! I hurt pretty much everywhere....boy, age just sneaks up on us doesn't it!

Yep...that's my crazy self.

My wonderful husband, Benny.

Or as he calls hmself...Ben with an "N"

Oh, I have just recently been told that we will be going to the Beach! Yay us! Actually, it will be the gulf....but it's better than another elk hunt!

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